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Digital Risk

In an environment where digital usage is intrinsic to the business process, each company must address the risks that can impact its operations and viability. IT risk, cyber risk, operational risk... The risk panorama is constantly evolving and the approach must be adapted to each business context.

Our mission

To help you better appreciate your digital risks and prioritize your actions according to your company profile and your level of exposure.

Our approach


Bring an objective and expert view on the level of maturity of your organization, either through an organizational or technical audit.  

Risk and control mapping

Assessing risks and deploying your organization's lines of defense against internal and external threats.

Cloud security

Control the risks related to your Cloud strategy from the moment you contract and choose an offer, infrastructure or service. Evaluate the security level of your environment, audit the compliance of the subscribed services and support you in strengthening the security of your cloud.

Examples of missions

SWIFT compliance assessment according to new 2021 requirements

Sector: Pharmaceutical


Objectives: Control the risks related to cybersecurity, fraud and the client's reputation

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