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Cybersecurity Governance

The talk around cybersecurity is often alarmist and sensational, which does not help to address the substantive issues in a coherent way. Our approach to cybersecurity is different: with real experts in cybersecurity governance and organization, we can provide decision-makers with a clear and objective view of cyber risk and address operational issues with technical experts.

Our mission

To help you deploy cyber trust within your organization.

Our approach


Set up an efficient organization of the cyber function adapted to your organization, thanks to our multi-domain expertise


Define and implement security processes (risk analysis, incident management, vulnerability management, etc.)


Define the security roadmap and manage cybersecurity projects and programs

Examples of missions

Assistance to the deployment of the Cybersecurity Department

Sector: Pharmaceutical


Objectives: Define security positioning on IT/OT aspects, functional and hierarchical links, Comitology, Reporting, etc.

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